Fantastic value based simple pricing.

We offer two very simple types of pricing plans for you to choose from!

Everything you need to get your website going is included in our packages!

Choose Annual


per month, billed annually ($450)
Save $149 on our pay monthly price!

Or, choose Monthly


billed monthly

I want to speak to a human

Tell Us Your Goals & Objectives

Let’s grow your business or even build something awesome together! 

If you prefer, you can call our office at (401) 561-2001 or (860) 852-6752

I’ve already decided I want a website

Before & After Website Makeovers

Can you believe that the BEFORE IMAGES were actual websites that our clients paid for?

We hooked them up with brand new designs & layouts!

Here's what's you get for $49.99/month:


A new website with NO set up fee!

5 - 7 Pages Designed with the content written for you!


Free Hosting!

ssl certificate

Free SSL Certificate!


A professional website, ready in a few days.


A domain (the “www...” thing) registered directly to you.

looks great

Designed responsively, so it looks great on all devices!


Search Engine Optimization so it's easy for customers to find you on Google.

ssl certificate

Built-in secure contact form and clear location info.

.com domain

A Free Domain!


A professional email address

social media

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Actual Websites We've Built

How it works

The Mega Agency offers a “do it for me” website solution! You’re probably wondering what that means though right? 


(Do It Your Self: Cheap but hard)


(Do It For Me: Good and affordable)


(Do It Your Self: Good but very expensive!)

We'll walk you through our simple steps

We work closely with you at the start to get the information we need. Then we do some work behind the scenes to create your website and keep it up to date and running smoothly, for as long as you’re a customer

Takes 1 minute

1. Fill out our simple online form

First, fill in our simple online form with a few quick details.

Takes 10 minutes

2. The kickoff call

Let’s make sure we’re right for each other. Keen to go ahead? You can pay over the phone and we’ll schedule your main appointment call right away.

Takes 20-30 minutes

3. Website appointment call

We’ll ask you lots of (easy!) questions about you and your business, so we can make a website for you that looks good and does the job. What services do you offer? What colours do you like? And so on. Absolutely nothing technical.

Turnaround: within a few days

4. See your website within a few days

Ready to see your name in lights? We will email you as soon as your website is ready.

5. Need changes? No problem

You can tell us to tweak your website for you till it’s perfect. For example, you might like to swap a photo we’ve sourced for one of your own. (Remember, you get unlimited free edits in future as well as at the start.)

6. We manage the technical stuff

To keep your website’s lights on. Security updates, performance upgrades, domain registration and hosting, basic SEO, and all the other jargon you’d probably rather not worry about.

We put together the words

Your website needs to tell people about what you do. That means you need some words, which can be surprisingly hard to write when you find yourself in the spotlight… but it’s easy to talk to someone over the phone, right? So that’s where we start. We use the information you give us over the phone, and we flesh it out with a helping hand from humans and technology.

You get...

We put together the design

Your website needs to do a great job of representing you and your business, and your customers need to be able to find their way around it easily. We’ve got you covered.

You get...

We sort out all the technical bits

This is boring but important. (Though we quite enjoy it.)

You get...

We give you unlimited updates

You can tell us to make unlimited changes to your website (our turnaround time for most requests is one day). 

You get...

Kick-off your new website project today!

To get started, just fill in our simple online form with some quick details about you.